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When it came time for my wedding, it was very important to me to create my own printed materials for the ceremony and reception. With my fiance and mother's help, we came up with the theme of a vintage, rustic wedding. I came up with the color pallet including various pinks and blues that I stuck with for the whole process. To go with the theme of a vintage, girly look, I added flowers as accents to the text. I also wanted to use typefaces with a lot of contrast to show the contrast between two people coming together to make something beautiful. I used Baskerville to show the vintage side, but Avenir to bring our wedding into the modern age. A cursive accent font was used for some text to pop, as well as some hand lettering drawn and rendered by myself. First, I drew the words out in pencil and filled them in with pen. After taking a picture, I brought them into Illustrator and made them digital. In the end, I wanted our guests to really embrace the feeling of happiness we felt on that day and I wanted the designs of the paper materials to reflect that.

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