Tender Loving Coffee – Web Design

Re-branding Tender Loving Coffee’s website to match their new look and feel.

Tender Loving Coffee has been a coffee roasting business in Chico since 2015. They are trying to build up a new brand to be more inclusive and relatable to their community in Chico. They were wanting to update their brand to portray a clean, sustainable, free trade coffee brand. I was the designer on a team of public relations students for their company. We wanted to stick with their original white and black theme but put more emphasis on the white to make it brighter and more inviting. We also decided on a green to bring the natural, environmental feel to their brand. Creating this would bring in a calm and natural feel to the brand that wasn’t there before. Throughout the site, it is easy to navigate and is more inviting to the visitors to browse through and get to know their company because it now has a hierarchy to follow and a simpler design.

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