LE GRAND OLE OPRY – Hand Lettering

Create a custom hand lettering design on the back of a 5'3" x 4'2" stage.

A local man approached me with a job for his house. He had spent much of his time during the Covid 19 Shutdowns fixing up his house and building this stage for his grandkids. It soon became a bigger project than originally intended and he wanted a special hand painted name for his creation. After asking many friends and relatives, they came up with the name Le Grand Ole Opry & Playhouse since the town he is from is named Le Grand, CA. I thought it was such a fun idea and was so glad to have the opportunity to create this for him! I started with sketches of different lettering options that when with the look and feel he was wanting to convey. Once we had a set idea, I made to scale stencils out of paper to use to draw out the letters onto the back of the stage. I came back to paint a couple coats of white paint to make it bright and visible from the street. He wanted me to add some sparkle to it and gave me some grounded up glass to stick to it. After I was all done, I added a coat of clear finisher on it to seal it in and make it last. This sealer ended up making the finished product slightly off white, but he was pleased with the finished product and I think it gave it a more country feel in the end.

White exterior paint
Clear wood sealer
Paint brushes

Process Work

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