John 3:16 – Hand Lettering

Create an original 6' x 2' hand lettered sign.

One day at church, I was approached with the project of creating a sign that would go over our welcome table with the verse John 3:16 on it. This was the biggest hand lettering job I'd ever received and had to think creatively about how to execute it without dismay. I started the process drawing many different designs in 6" x 2" squares. When I found the design that I liked and with the right spacing and contrast between typefaces, I blew it up to feet instead of inches. I drew a grid with the correct measurements from my sketch and converted that to be the real size of the project. After drawing it out, I painted the letters on the paper to create stencils I could then cut out and use to trace the letters onto the final wood board. After all the letters were spaces correctly on the board, I began the painting process with a smaller brush that needed in order to create the finer details and not create a sloppy edge.

White acrylic paint
Paint brushes
Wooden board

Process Work

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