Creekside Evangelical Free Church – Brand Design

Rebrand a local church to appeal to a younger audience.

I researched many different brands for churches and the different logos Creekside has used in the past. They are a more conservative church with an older attendance, but they are trying to expand to a wider, younger audience by updating different aspects of how the church runs and is viewed by the general public. I came up with a bunch of directions to go in to incorporate the different sides to the new brand. After feedback from the choosing committee, we went with something in between that would fit the younger crowd, but not lose the older ones. I created a brand mark that doubles as the “C” in the name. It can be used together or separate. Because the name is “Creekside” I tried to incorporate the creek theme shown through abstract shapes. The abstract nature of the design attracts a young audience and can double as something used for web and print. The church has unofficially used a teal to associate their brand, so I put that into practice by adding teal to the color scheme of the logo and implemented it into their website. I used a contrast of type with a serif and sanserif font to bring in the old and the new.

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Process Work

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